Fed up with constantly providing your contact information because of Covid?

We’ve all been there: You visit a restaurant and have to take the time and enter your contact details and the time of arrival and departure in a list.

Currently, restaurateurs, but also other business owners, such as hairdressers, gyms, etc. are obliged to record the contact details of their guests in case of a Covid-19 infection.

Herzlich Willkommen mit CoReady
CoReady Smartphone App

CoReady offers the perfect solution!

Visitors register in three simple steps and have their data stored as required by law!

All visitor data is automatically encrypted and stored in our database in compliance with GDPR.

Scan the displayed QR code when entering the business or restaurant to check in and simply check out again by pressing a button upon leaving.

After the minimum storage period has expired, the data of your visit will be automatically deleted again!

CoReady Business Portal

CoReady Portal

Get your own CoReady portal for your business!

Eliminate those unnecessary piles of paper while saving time and money by working simply and effectively.

You can easily create your individual QR – Code with one mouse click and export your visitor data as Excel or PDF files to transfer them to your public health department.

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CoReady Portal

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CoReady – FAQs for visitors

In short: CoReady saves you the hassle of filling out contact sheets.

Only register in the app once, scan the issued QR code when you enter and simply log out again by pressing a button when you leave.

No more lists and no more potentially contagious pens.

For visitors CoReady is completely free of charge! Just download the app from your app store and you’re (co)ready to go.

The app can be used in all participating restaurants, shops and other establishments, which are legally obliged to keep your contact details.

We only collect the data required by law and your e-mail address. We use your e-mail address to enable you to log in and reset your password.

After registration, your data is automatically encrypted and stored in our database in compliance with GDPR.

If you check in with CoReady at a restaurant or shop or any other business, your visit will only be saved at this particular company – it is by no means possible to track your daily routine.

The data of your visit is only stored for the minimum legal retention period and will be automatically deleted afterwards.

Simply delete your account in the app. Your data will automatically be deleted after the retention period of your last visit has expired.

CoReady runs on any smartphone or tablet that uses iOS version 11 and higher or Android version 6 and higher as its operating system.

The two apps serve completely different purposes. CoReady is designed to save you the tiresome task of filling out paper slips and lists to provide your contact details. The official corona alert app, on the other hand, informs you if you have been near an infected person over a long stretch of time and are therefore at an increased risk of infection.

FAQs for Businesses

CoReady is designed to make your life easier. Instead of managing countless slips of paper, visitors can check in with you digitally and paperless. If necessary, you can export the data from the CoReady Business Portal and send it digitally to the public health authorities. Visitor data is automatically deleted after the minimum retention period has expired.

After you have registered with CoReady, you will receive your personal login to the CoReady Business Portal.

In the portal you can create and download your own QR code. Visitors can check themselves in using this QR code.

You can see and manage all visits directly in the portal and download them as Excel files and forward to the public health authority.

Since visits are automatically deleted after the minimum storage period has expired, there is no need for tedious sorting and disposing of documents.

Instead of having to disinfect menus or price lists after each use, you can also upload them as PDF files into to your CoReady portal. Your visitors can then take a look at the menu and/or prices directly in the app after checking in.

Additionally you can add a link to your website in the app, which then can be accessed directly from the app.

We are constantly on the move and so is our app, thus watch out for new exciting developments which no doubt will be added in the future!

CoReady is completely free of charge for your visitors. You, as a business owner, can use the CoReady Business Portal with a subscription that can be cancelled on a monthly basis. The registration is completed in a whiff and you can start using CoReady immediately afterwards.

Not a problem – simply cancel your subscription in the Business Portal. Your account and all data and visits stored by you will be automatically deleted by us at the end of the subscription period.

More questions?

You are always welcome to contact us, if you have any further questions.